This is 90 days Merchant Navy basic awareness programme along with a mandatory STCW course approved by D.G. Shipping Govt. of India. This Course is a Module for those segments who have a strong willingness to join the Merchant Navy but having a law budget STCW basic safety training is required for Seafarers employed or engaged in any capacity onboard ships at all levels such as deck and engine room rating qualifications. For most navigation and all engineering Certificates of competency.


This is 6 Months Residential Course approved by the Director General of Shipping Govt. of India. GP Rating Cause Focuses on Training Cadets in two main roles of Shipping Industry – Deck cause and engine Crew.
This course will cover all aspects of the seafaring Profession, which also includes swimming, physical drill workshop training, rope and most climbing, life-Saving Appliance usage, firefighting exercises and ship visit etc certificate presided.


The above program is approved by Director General of Shipping, Government of India. The design of the course is as per the guidelines laid down by the Directorate General of Shipping. This training provides a School (X+II)/(‘A’ Level) leaver sure path to become a qualified Deck Officer. During the 36 Months training at Academy, approved by Director General of Shipping, Government of India the candidate is familiarized with various aspects in workshop comprising of Carpentry.

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This is 6 Months residential Course approved by the Director General Shipping Govt. of India. CCMC Course Focuses on Training Cadets in Maritime Food and beverage Services.
Catering Presume take care of Ships food, provision stores, general hygiene, and Housekeeping. The candidate is familiarized with various aspects in Maritime Food & Beverage Services. On successful completion of the 6 months Pre-Sea Training, he undergoes the sea phase training of 12 months.


This unique sector-specific program which is the first of its kind in India focuses on the needs of appropriate education and training in the areas of Electrical and Electronics. The program of study has been carefully designed by experts and professionals in shipping practices. Yet another unique feature of this program is that the curriculum will be largely handled by industry faculty who are experienced professionals in this field. This program is designed to equip the students knowledge in Electrical and Electronics in the ships.


The PRE SEA TRAINING Course was introduced on request from the Shipping Industry, in order to ensure enhanced & multiple utility of ratings, on board vessels belonging to shipping companies, worldwide. Accordingly, the erstwhile Deck Rating and Engine Rating courses were adapted to the new guidelines and concept of “SDP” was introduced by the Directorate. This ensured higher employ-ability of the Indian seafarers in world market.