Director Message
Stellar accomplishment expands the frontiers of knowledge and scholarship every day. In this era of globalization of scholarship every day. In this era of globalization of education, the obvious focus is on the quality of education. There is no single and stick of quality. A good educational institution strives continuously for sustenance & enhancement of quality in every field of its activity.

The main object of our institute is to impart the best education and training to all training participants as per the best directives of the Indian administration. At the time of modernization, we need to meet modern shipping requirements by providing well-trained officers and crews. We are thankful to our students and their parents for giving support and trust to make this institute a pioneer Maritime training institute, also thankful to the faculty, instructors, and staff for their efforts; we are today imparting dedicated training to all training aspirants. Amongst student’s creativity collective work and competition domestically, regionally, and internationally thrive. WOS committed to the practice of academic freedom and encourages cultural diversity as it continues to attract students and faculty.

I extend my congratulations to us all passed out students, who are sailing around the globe and earned name and fame. Today our cadets are even in line to gain the rank of chief officers, it really gives us the most pleasure and I wish the same to our all-training participants. I am extremely thankful to all Indian as well as foreign associates who have shown their trust by signing the contract to provide jobs to our candidates. I further assure you that we will strive to sharp our training to produce the best officers and crew for the shipping industry and I am sure to meet such an objective. We need the blessing of elders, the dedication of teachers, and the trust of parents. I wish all the very best seafarer career ahead to our all candidates and my best wishes to their parents.


We are sure of achieving our goals and Quality system.


Training and Placement cell aliases with the various industrial establishments, corporate rouses within India and out of India.


In academy of World Ocean Services candidates adapt irresistible change. Candidate can develop own style.


Our instructors are highly qualified retired from Merchant Navy as a chief engineer & Ex-Navy as a deck officer


Great job is done by the placement coordination team at World Ocean services