1. What is Merchant Navy?

Ships that carry goods, people or render services of a non military nature constitute the merchant Navy. Merchant Navy touches every body’s life in one way or other. Material for building a house may have been brought by a bulk carrier, the fuel used in your vehicle was brought by a tanker and fruits in the market from different countries were brought in a refrigerated container.

2. Why Join Merchant Navy?

Merchant Navy is a very lucrative career, some of the many attractions of this profession are listed below:-

  • High income (Tax Free)
  • Independence and responsibility at a young age
  • Quick promotions
  • No expenses whilst on board (High class accommodation and cuisine)
  • Travel around the globe and experience the world
  • Adventure – No two days on the ship are the same
  • Long Vacations – Time to pursue your hobbies
  • Future opportunities to pursue a career ashore

3. Who should join Merchant Navy?

If you are adventurous person who likes to be outdoors and is not interested in a monotonous 9-5 job, then Merchant Navy is the best career option for you.

4. How is Merchant Navy better than any other career option?

A student who passes his/her 10+2 exams and takes up any stream for further studies spends at least another 4 years in college before becoming eligible for a job in the particular stream. Whereas a candidate who joins Merchant Navy, has to undergo only 1 year of training at an approved institute and then starts earning whilst doing the onboard training. Moreover the stipend received during the training period itself is higher than the starting salaries in many career streams ashore.

At the age of 21 when a normal student graduates from any stream and starts looking for a job, the candidate who has joined Merchant Navy has already completed his/her training and starts working as an officer on board the ship and earns wages to the tune of more than 1 Lakh rupees per month.

5. Sea of Opportunity?

There are various types of ships but the main job of a ship is to transport goods or people from one place to another. Ships are responsible for transporting 96% of goods around the world and is the most important service helping to keep the wheels of the global economy moving smoothly. Shipping is a vital link in world trade and today it is one of the booming sectors of the industry. If you join the merchant Navy you could choose to be a navigating officer (also known as a deck officer) or an engineering officer.