Evaluating Statin Drugs To Treat the-cbd-store High Cholesterol And Heart Disease

Have you ever experienced side effects on a statin or are you resistant to complications? We would also appreciate a vote on this article at the top of the page. He had developed joint pain in his knees and a shoulder and had not had much success with celecoxib or acetaminophen .

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  • I thought I am being paralyzed and suspected the drug that I am being slowly poisoned.
  • You can improve cholesterol levels with a healthy diet and exercise, but if the cholesterol level doesn’t drop low enough to be healthy, your healthcare provider might prescribe medication.
  • Therefore, the AHA caution against the use of statins during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • This is not difficult to achieve and happens because of the way prescribing guidelines work.
  • While those symptoms usually go away after you stop taking the drug, they can be signs of a rare, life-threatening form of muscle breakdown called rhabdomyolysis.

Gregory S Pokrywka is right about one thing; water-soluble statins have a somewhat different spread of side-effects from fat-soluble ones, but shouldn’t be considered safe. And, one other note, since the JUPITER trial was included in the 19 studies evaluated for the meta-analysis, it tells me that the studies weren’t even close to being comparable in how they were done. These studies may be fine, but what about the ones that may not have been so fine that the pharmaceutical companies chose not to publish. It would be nice to see a study on statins done independently instead of funded by a company that stands to gain if a positive study is published. Three-and-a-half years later, I’m toned, work out six-days-a-week , eat gobs of fatty meat and butter, and take not one drop of medication.

How Safe Are Statins?

One was a blood thinner, and the other I believe Lipitor. The poor guy had an intestinal blockage by this point , couldn’t eat and barely could drink, and yet each day he was given his heart medicines I recall. On my father’s side, there is a history of long life and few heart problems. On my mother’s, a history of congestive heart failure and, most terrifying to me, stroke. So, when my doctor suggested I begin statin therapy about 5 years ago, I readily assented.

Different Effects On Different Parts Of The Body

They followed 3,234 people in the US Diabetes Prevention Program Outcomes Study for a period of 10 years. The the-cbd-store most commonly prescribed statins were simvastatin (40%) and atorvastatin (37%). People who took a statin were 36% more likely to be diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, compared to those who had not been prescribed these medicines. The risk fell to 30% after taking other factors into account. Although those who were prescribed statins had slightly higher levels of blood glucose to start with, this still didn’t explain their higher rates of diabetes.

In a double-blind placebo controlled study , it has been shown that statins can reduce serum levels of coenzyme Q10 by as much as 40%. Coenzyme Q10 is not only a powerful antioxidant, but it also plays a crucial role in the process that breaks down glucose in the presence of oxygen to yield carbon dioxide and water. This metabolic pathway, which is essentially the burning of glucose as fuel, takes place in the mitochondria via the well-known citric acid, or Kreb’s cycle. The energy that is released through this process is packaged up in the form of ATP , the currency that all cells use to store their energy reserves.

Your doctor will also try to determine if your depressive symptoms are linked to the new medication or some other cause. If there is an underlying depressive disorder, your doctor may recommend treatments such as antidepressants and psychotherapy. Every situation is different, so your doctor will look at your health history and symptoms in order to determine what steps to take next. In some cases, it may involve switching to a different medication or adjusting your dosage. It can be helpful to write down details like when your symptoms first started and when they are the most severe.

The Importance Of Statin Safety Data From Clinical Studies And Clinical Practice

You can also significantly impact it with lifestyle changes. Instead, a high total risk of heart disease may make it worth medicating with a statin. All doctors are of course not updated on the guidelines yet. If at a check-up you are recommended to start taking a statin I think you should ask if the recommendation is based on a target number or a risk level. Some think that these risk calculations are based on factors that are too restrictive.

There’s time to use caution, to use the “Start Low, Go Slow” method that allows you and your doctor to gauge the exact amount of medication you need. Different people get widely differing responses to statins. Some people get large LDL-C reductions with tiny doses. The only way to know your response is to start low and, if needed, increase gradually. Of all the statins, this is least possible with Crestor.